Where we are –

Mungallala is located 7 and a half hours west of Brisbane, along the Warrego Highway.

Situated in the electoral district of Maranoa, it’s a little over 600 km by car, and is serviced by bus twice daily from Bus Queensland. 

We also have a twice weekly train, The Westlander, which runs from Brisbane on Tuesday and Thursday, and returns Wednesday and Friday.

The village has a pub, a cafe, the school, a community centre and library catering to the needs of over 100 people who call Mungallala home.

The Village has 35 people living here full-time and a very small transient population, most of whom work at the local sawmill.

We have a couple of campsites including at the pub, which also has rooms available and bookings are recommended either by phone 07 4623 6192, or by email.