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About this site:

This site is for the people of Mungallala to become part of the journey towards a future where kids can grow, learn, live, go to University, and eventually have a reason to come back and keep the village alive. It is also for those looking for somewhere to stop overnight or for a few days and sample the real outback and the sort of welcome normally kept for locals.

Technology in the Bush:

The advent of NBN SkyMuster satellite has given Mungallala decent speeds and reasonable (not great but better than we had) data rates. It is reasonable to get a 500 Kb/S download over SkyMuster and there are several providers.

SkyMuster prices start at around $35 per month. A bare minimum service on SkyMuster will give users around 30Gb per month (peak) plus an additional 100Gb per month (off peak). If you want to sample the speeds, pop in to the cafe and talk to Heather. Buy a coffee and we’ll shout you a half hour on Internet. You can call Heather to book a time on 4623 6159. If you want to talk tech, ask her to get Daemon involved in the meeting.

The addition of the 4G small cell network has given us a few added benefits, but it has a sting in the tail. Modern machines need regular updating and over the 4G system, that happens regularly. Sometimes daily.

If you are using a dongle to do that, you are short-changing yourself in terms of data, even though the 4G system is faster, but, being monopolised by Telstra, leaves no choice, as to provider. The data flows required for Windows 10, for example, are massive, sometimes up to 2 Gb per month, just to keep the computer updated.

I have been able to secure a dealership for ANT Communications, which means any issues you experience with the system, you can call me in to assist, rather than spend hours on the phone being asked indecipherable questions by the call centre.

Local News:

Country towns in Australia are faced with a challenge, that only their residents can decide if they are up for.

The challenge in the case of Mungallala, firstly, is to be put back on the Maranoa map in terms of sign-posting for travelers heading west from Roma. Once a driver leaves Roma, there are no signs saying how far to Mungallala, only Mitchell, Morven and Charleville. What happened to Mungallala? The fact that there is no fuel or shop, shouldn’t stop travelers from knowing it is there.

In fact there is free camping and facilities (not advertised), there is a cafe where travelers can check their email at a very reasonable cost, while enjoying an excellent cup of coffee, there is a pub, there is a library and whilst not full of things to do, there are reasons for someone to stop and sit awhile..

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Just In:

Since March 2018, Mungallala Progress, supported by the Internet  Cafe, and Outback Timber, are running a film night at the Memorial Hall in Redford Road.

The movie night is every second Saturday and we get recent releases, like A Dog’s Purpose, Paddington 2, and we do stay up to date with the films.

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